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Frugality: Why I Downgraded My Car

Do you find that your car(s) are one of your major expenses? Typically, the more expensive a car is, the more expensive replacement parts are for said car. In my 13th YouTube video, I describe a choice I made during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 and why I made that choice. Nina (MsFinancialLiteracy) also had a really awesome car when I first met her. I believe it was a baby blue 1984 Civic with peeling paint and great fuel mileage.

We’ve been a single car family for the last six and a half years now. I encourage you to conjure up creative ways to reduce the number of your vehicles. We’re always thinking about how we could make zero work for us, but we agree that this is not easy with a toddler. We’ll keep grinding and keep thinking. Perhaps one day the solution will come to us.

For my mature audience (18+) who may appreciate somewhat vulgar humor, then please check out the reference link I provide near the end of my video. Enjoy!

Help spread the message. We all can benefit from financial learning and I always welcome referrals!

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