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Investing 101: How to Evaluate an Index Fund

In my 5th YouTube video, I use screen sharing to cover information on index funds. I share some of the key financial information I consider when evaluating an index fund. This video is the first of my four-part series on evaluating investments.

This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Any investment(s) referenced in the video are not being promoted or opposed. They are referenced merely for the aforementioned purposes.

Help spread the message. We all can benefit from financial learning and I always welcome referrals!

2 thoughts on “Investing 101: How to Evaluate an Index Fund

    1. Trip Post author

      Completely agree Tim. Expense ratio is super critical when all else (diversification, long term performance, turnover, tracking error, etc.) are equal or close enough to equal. Expense ratio isn’t always the only cost when it comes to investing in various funds. Very important for people to educate themselves on other types of investing costs as well in order to look for them and know which questions to ask.

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