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Leveraging the NBA to Improve Financial Literacy

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The NBA has been running #LeanIn commercials since 2015 and I found them moving and effective.

Along similar lines, I envision the NBA running commercials where their highly influential athletes (Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Lebron James) talk about the importance of learning financial literacy for themselves and their family.

Then they go on to say that learning financial literacy is the cornerstone for building safe and strong families and households. The commercial closes with an NBA athlete providing information about a website that functions as a directory for grass-root non-profit and for-profit organizations that are committed to providing adults a financial literacy education.

After viewing the commercial, anyone could go onto the directory, enter their zip code, and find the few nearest locations to receive an opportunity to have a financial literacy education that they likely did not receive in the American school system.

This outreach could be expanded to cover other areas where there are influential celebrities who may be willing to speak out — music, movie & television stars, NFL, MLB, etc. I have no idea what those outreach programs might look like yet.

So there’s the idea in its essence — a simple game of throw and catch. It’s already been enhanced and refined as I have spoken with others, but now I want to leverage the collective power of smart people everywhere and your networks as well (please speak openly if you feel the same about my mission as I do).

How can it be made even better? What are the gaps (how can even more people be reached)? How can it be made more effective? How can we make it happen as quickly as possible? Who has connections with any players or personnel within the NBA? Who has more knowledge (or connections) about other entertainment industries?

I do not care about taking the credit for this idea or finding any way to profit from it. I just want it to happen as quickly and effectively as possible. I feel abundance not only w/ regard to time and money, but also with ideas.

Some might call me idealistic, but I believe in the very real benefits of outrageous optimism. I’ve lived those benefits myself. Some may worry that such social changes may have negative impacts. Philosophically, I agree with Mr. Money Mustache’s views in the two articles I linked. Social change on a large scale is very possible and, though it will not come easily, the changes will happen incrementally. I will be a part of those changes as will Nina (MsFinancialLiteracy).

“I’m not normal; I know it; I don’t care.”

Help spread the message. We all can benefit from financial learning and I always welcome referrals!

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